Thursday, December 6, 2012


One of the good things about being retired is that I can pursue my interests in more than one way, and sometimes the Universe sends me something that sparks an idea.  I heard about this book on NPR a while back, and then my husband brought it home from the library.  He read it very quickly, so I decided to also read it before it needed to be returned.  I've always been interested in lettering, though I do not have particularly fine penmanship, and little patience for practicing calligraphy.  But I am fascinated by printing styles, and was happy to discover the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Manitowoc.  This little book has me staring at typeface in magazines, along the roadways, and on restaurants. 

Another book I had been meaning to take a look at is this one by collage artist Randel Plowman, whose blog posts I follow, and who not so long ago moved to this area.  He came out with this slim book that has clear explanations about what materials he uses and the processes he uses to assemble his work, as well as ideas for getting started. 

So, this week I've been trying out some of his exercises.  This one, using images from a Spider Man comic book, appeals to me because of the grid organization.  I did several from different comic books and this one was my favorite so far.  I think it is the big splashy words that give the  little 6x6 inch collage its punch.  I've always liked including writing in my collage work; it makes the art more personal, and little words seem to make people stop and try to read the text.  I often incorporate old diaries, letters or bits of novels or textbooks into my work.

This collage, also six by six inches, is from an advertisement in a 1970s Life magazine.  The ad was for a Kodak camera that warned you when your flash cube needed to be replaced.  All I did was take the headline, "Seeing Red" and cut it into squares, also bits of the flash cubes and the image in the viewfinder.  I attempted to make the typeface into an abstract design, and the little red photo makes a good focal point.

So, instead of putting up our tree, baking, or even writing out my cards,  I have been cutting and pasting.  I really must get going on Christmas - maybe tomorrow.

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wow! very nice work. my favorite is the one with letters.