Sunday, May 12, 2013

Work in Progress

Happy Mothers Day.  I'm nobody's mother, except maybe the cat's.  I feed her, police her litter box, take her to the vet when needed, and prop up her fragile ego every day.  Once again she neglected to send me a card.  I can't just sit around waiting for tokens of her appreciation; I made myself a nice rhubarb pie.

While the sunshine is bright and the birds are singing, it's nippy outside. It was cold enough last night that I  hauled the potted basil plants into the garage to prevent them being nipped by frost.  I'm something of a hothouse flower, myself, so I stayed inside to work on a project that I've had ready to go for about a month.  It's larger than my usual small work, 1950s magazine advertising collaged over a dismal watercolor, and then a drawing of two young men with their catch of the day over the collage.  I finally took a deep breath and started an oil painting. I use water mixable oil paint since I can't tolerate turpentine vapors.  I've never tried anything quite like this before, so we shall see how it goes.

I'm working a standard size, so it will not need custom framing, if it turns out to be a keeper.

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