Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laura, for JKPP

6x9 inches, watercolor

Last night was the final figure drawing session for the summer.  I left a half hour early, hoping to have a little daylight left so I could see the turn off for the little side roads I use to drive home.  I take the back roads because they are quiet, usually no pick up trucks in a big hurry, and I like to roll down the windows and listen to the crickets and cicadas. I probably will not go many more times now; after Labor Day the sessions run from 6:30 until 9:30, and I get tired by the time it's time to leave.

This week is very hot, really too hot in my studio to work very long, so I went downtown to the gallery where I show some of my work.  On Tuesday mornings some people get together to paint, and the place is blessedly cool. So I finally go around to doing a portrait for one of my Flickr groups, Julia Kay's Portrait Party.  

This is from a photo submitted by Laura Starrett.  I was happy to see her picture, since I've followed her watercolors online for several years, and even exchanged paintings with her.  I was sorry that her face ended up being rather overworked, but I could not resist playing around with the shadows and highlights on her face.

If you would like to see Laura's blog, click n the link.


debi baron said...

I thought it was pastel at first. Very nice.

laura said...

Hi Sherry! I think it's great ... Love the hair, and I think you captured (my) expression perfectly!
I have yet to make the plunge and paint someone from JKPP--it's such a great idea!

layers said...

Hi.. you left a supportive comment on my blog post on my health issues and artist block.. thank you. It is never too late for an artist to start working and creating their art.