Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rolling Along

8x8 inches, collage

Summer is rolling along, not so hot as last year, so my flowers look reasonably good, although my efforts to pull weeds have slacked off considerably.

Only three weeks of figure drawing left.  I certainly enjoy the direct observation drawing, but lately the drive home along quiet country roads is one of my favorite things.  Last week Lima Center road, which is narrow and has trees overarching in several places, was spangled with fireflies overhead, and speckled with little frogs on the pavement.  Magic.

My dear husband and I celebrated our anniversary this week - we were married in 1975, so we both looked different back then - by taking a drive to Baraboo to see Circus World Museum.  I had last gone there in about 1960 or so with my grandparents, and it has greatly expanded since then.  I fell in love with the old circus posters, so colorful and exotic, though the refurbished wagons are always good to see. I never attended the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee, though the train came through Janesville a couple times, and in fact stayed over night, so the wagons are old friends.  Anyway after that we had a fine anniversary dinner at Ishnala, a supper club on Mirror Lake that seems to cross a log home with a tree house. 

These days, it's summer, and the livin' is easy.

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