Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Abstract Collage #1

8x8 inches, collage on paper

Eight by eight inches doesn't seem very large, but it is larger than I have been working on collage pieces lately.  I had a good time with the papers in this piece.  There is a part of a brown paper bag with acrylic paint on it.  There is a reproduced page from the New York Times glazed with gesso and stamped.  There are several pages from an old National Geographic, altered by sanding or with stencils and Nevr Dull, and there is a small piece of Japanese rice paper.

The piece evolved over the course of the day.  At first it was almost all shades of brown and burnt sienna, but then I decided I needed a lighter value in the lower right, and the blue and white stars went in - suddenly I liked it much better.

One thing that helped me decide how to place the papers was a piece of transparent red plastic.  When I looked through the red filter, the colors disappear, leaving only the values, and that helped me choose a design that worked for me.

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