Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday Evening Community Figure Drawing

Week two of the summer session of Whitewater's Community Figure Drawing went fairly well.  Our faithful male model posed, and I found myself doing a better job of filling up my large (18x24 inch) sketchbook pages in both 5 minute and 20 minute poses.  I did beg him to quit sitting in the wooden chair with slat back, since drawing the chair was taking up most of my time and psychic energy, so for this pose he sat in a simple desk chair.

Both of the drawing here are 20 minute poses.  I'm still feeling rusty after taking so many months off, but this week was easier than last, and I just kept at it, not beating myself up too badly in my own mind and taking each pose as it came.  I usually leave the session with 8 or 9 drawings after about two and half hours, so I see that as a good thing.

There was an unexpected pleasure last evening that had nothing to do with trying to draw.  A young woman introduced herself by her first name, and said she was new to the group.  It turned out she was also from Janesville, and was an elementary art teacher.  When I asked about her last name I knew why she looked familiar.  She had been in my freshman English class over a dozen years ago.  I remembered her mostly for her friendly smile and her passion for drawing horses. 

Small world.

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