Saturday, June 21, 2014


It's the first day of summer, the solstice, but sunshine is in short supply.  We've been in a rainy patch this week, and that has prevented me from heading up to Door County as I had hoped I could do.  My art seems to be limited to Monday evening figure drawing and playing around with an online collage sketchbook class I signed up for.

My project involving entering the names of Janesville's oldest burials at Oak Hill cemetery on Find a Grave was put on hold temporarily when hackers brought the website to its knees for a couple days.  I realized when I couldn't look up my entries or make new ones, that I may have the beginnings of an addiction here.  When the site was restored yesterday I headed out to Oak Hill to photograph a few old headstones.  I was surprised to see that workers had already demolished the 1912 red brick drive-through porch on the chapel.  I wondered how that would affect the appearance of the building, and was surprised to find I think it will eventually look better without the addition, though the old porte cochere did provide welcome shade.

Other than that we are still camping in our own house, living out of an old green Coleman picnic cooler while we wait for our new stainless steel refrigerator to arrive.  The old Amana quietly expired a week ago, and now that I no longer have it, I am appreciating the wonder of readily available ice on hot days.  We are eating out a lot.

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