Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coming Along

The collage and oil painting I started last week is coming along. bit by bit.  Yesterday I finished the dress for the woman on the right, and just leaped in and added the background.  I want a very sheer and somewhat plain background that lets the wallpaper and old newspaper underneath show through a bit, and presents the figures out of any specific context.  I hemmed and hawed and stalled, and finally just did it. To my great relief that figures seem to pop much more, and the patterns under the paint do still show, though in a subtle way. 

Now the women's faces need layers of warmer glazing, and the shadows round their feet need deepening.  This is the point in a painting that gets tricky for me, since I rather like how it has turned out so far, but don't want to do anything to spoil the results.  No guts, no glory. 

I'm still thinking of a good title. and am leaning toward stealing one.  Maybe I'll call it The Three Graces.


JoAnn said...

I love the way you tell us how you do all these things. As someone without a creative thought in her brain, I am awed!

Monique said...

The colours of the dresses are so nice, Sherry. And the figures do pop aganst that background! I can understand you wanting to leave it as it is. On this small format(my tablet) I don't see the need.

Sharon said...

This reminds me of a painting of three "older" women on the walls of a restaurant in Roseburg, Oregon. Here's the link to the restaurant's website. There's a lot of interesting art on the restaurant's walls. Click on "gallery" until you see the painting of the women I'm talking about. http://www.mcmenamins.com/286-roseburg-station-pub-brewery-home

I love your renderings of these old photos.