Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Finished - Winter Sisters

Winter Sisters
11x14 inches, oil and collage papers on canvas

This collage and oil painting of me and my younger sister is about done.  It was great fun to gradually see the image develop, and to imagine the colors of our coats and shoes.  

I honestly can barely remember us at that age, though it must have been about the time when I was questioning Santa Claus.  I recall thinking that the logistics of him flying all over the world were pretty shaky, when on Christmas Eve it snowed, and the heifers broke loose.  When I woke up on Christmas Day there were hoof prints everywhere in the fresh snow, and I decided - at least for one more year - that Santa had visited.  

We believe what we want to believe.  Merry Christmas! 

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Cotton Picker said...

Very nice. Makes me feel nostalgic. I have a similar photo of my younger sister and I from the same era. The pose and the clothes. Everything. Merry Christmas. :)