Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Medicine

The winter is limping along, and my immune system apparently is giving up.  Last week I had something like food poisoning that left me horizontal on the couch most of the day, content to watch the shadows move across the hillside across the street, and this week the worst cold sores of the century are making my mouth look and feel like I ran into the doorjamb.

But, I have been working a little on my newest mixed media piece - two men and their dog.  There will be a simple white farmhouse in the background, eventually.  So far I have some collage pieces of wallpaper adhered to my canvas, have a thin layer of gold acrylic paint over that, and have begun the first layers of the dog and men.  It is fun to work a little at a time, watching the image develop before my eyes.

And it does make me forget that I feel punky. 


JoAnn said...

hope you feel better soon. Your creativity obviously has not been affected!

Jana Bouc said...

I love the artwork! Really cool! Good for you for creating while feeling so funky. I can relate--3 days of migraine in a row.