Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring has arrived, at least according to the calendar.  We had a nice warm day a week or so ago. My husband dragged the patio chairs out of the garage and I hauled to pots of sedum and hens and chicks out of the cellar and into the sunlight.  I'm back photographing old headstones at the local cemetery for Find a Grave, despite the mud, and it is fine to be back tromping around outside.  The new found warmth did not last, however - today we're all back in long sleeves and wooly socks, which is how things go here in southern Wisconsin.  Gotta be flexible.

Spring is also when I hear from the little gallery I usually take small paintings to in Door county.  I received my annual letter from the owner recently.  Her miniature show is back after a year's hiatus.  This year she wants miniatures with a theme of hearts.  There is real potential here for more cuteness than usually appeals to me, but I sat down and started a couple ideas.

This is my cow portrait.  I bet you can find the heart.  My dad raised purebred holstein dairy cows, so I have first hand experience with the creatures.  The gallery owner suggested I send some of my little paintings with gold leaf, so I painting a cow portrait and gilded the background.

One of my friends said she looks angry, but I think she is just projecting something in her life into the cow.  Cows cannot really smile.

I'm also working on a slightly more whimsical piece with rabbits, but it isn't close to being ready to show the world.

Stay warm.

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JoAnn said...

Love this cow who is wearing her heart on her "sleeve",so to speak. And the gilding is just plain cool.
Glitter is my favorite color.

Cold here in SE Pennsylvania too. I have not even thought about spring chores. We had 3 inches of snow on Thursday!