Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Month of Orange: Painting at the Neighbor's Place

Some folks just have a sense of how to decorate outdoors.  Me, not so much. I plant, and sometimes I water or weed, but I don't decorate.

Down the street and around the corner neighbor is a retired art teacher, and it shows in her back garden.  About a month ago she showed up at my door and invited me to come paint or draw at her place.  Even though I am something of a loner, I said I would, and I showed up with a sketchbook. I did draw - nothing to write home about, but I also took some reference photos.  This delightful woman has all sorts of potted plants, bird baths, feeders, sculptures, and so on.  I liked the red here in the chicken and the terra cotta pots.

Close enough to orange for me.

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