Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I've been attending a summer figure drawing group for several years, enjoying the pretty drive on back roads, drawing a couple hours, and treating myself to frozen custard afterward.  I couldn't attend last summer because of my surgery and recovery, but this summer I am enjoying myself.  I'm keeping it very simple, just a few sheets of newsprint or slightly nicer drawing paper, vine charcoal, and a kneaded eraser.  The model last night was a lovely young woman; my drawing her does not do her justice.

My health news continues to be disappointing.  I am not a candidate for further surgery or radiation, so we're going with the chance that a different chemotherapy regimen will shrink my new spot, and extend my life.  I find that I cannot hold that thought for long without panicking.  So, I concentrate on things right now that give me pleasure - watering my flowers, drawing and painting, meeting with friends, drinking wine.  I have been mourning the thought of losing my new hair, which after months of being bald, gives me great happiness.  So, yesterday I went to a photo shoot (with my hair), and I plan to use the spiffy new not-bald photos on social media and at the gallery where I show some of my artwork.  It's OK.  I have hats and scarves.

Right now, staying positive is an act of self preservation.

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