Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two Seasonal Paintings

I laughed looking at my elementary school Halloween painting, because lately I've been painting exactly the same things, pumpkins, cats and leaves. My recent pumpkin painting is being made into folded cards, but the printer is a week overdue, so I need to go see about that later today. The painting of leaves is one of several I've done lately, some more intricate than others. This one was complete as an experiment in texture and layers. I didn't obssess over it, and that probably accounts for its freshness. The silly black and white Halloween cat was painted because I was horrified at how expensive nice Halloween decorations are. I decided I could do that, and that I could make it more personal, so the cat is my Bucky. Of course Bucky likes her Meow Mix, and she isn't this long limbed and lean. But hey, I had fun.

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Sharon said...

Both of your leaf paintings are VERY well done, Sherry, but I particularly like the background on this one. I've also enjoyed reading your family history, including the murder mystery. I love those old photographs.