Monday, October 8, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Normally by this point in the year I'm tossing old sheets over my impatiens, hauling pots of coleus into the garage overnight to extend the growing season just a bit. Not this week. It has been summery warm, to the point we ran the air conditioning last night, something unheard of in this house. But despite the warm weather, the trees are starting to turn and I pestered my husband to come on a morning walk in one of our county parks.

I remember a book of Eliot Porter photographs I had as a kid, called In Wildness is the Preservation of World. Those stunning pictures of natural beauty have stayed in my mind, even though the book has disappeared. I remember in particular photos of autumn color, leaves reflected in water. Today on our walk, my eye was drawn to the slant of October sun, to the dying leaves falling in golden showers, and to their reflections in the running creek. My photos don't approach Eliot Porter's, but taking them helped me see the beauty around me. How wonderful it was to be outside, instead of cooped up between four walls! Today was a gift.

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