Friday, December 7, 2007


Today turned out to be a cow day. I had a "to do" list like many folks, little errands around town. One job was to go to the Janesville Performing Arts Center and photograph my Holstein monoprint. I entered three pieces in a recent Art League show, an although I didn't win a prize from the judges, I did sell my first piece of artwork. Wouldn't you know it was one that I forgot to scan before I had it framed. So, I went down and took a photo to remember my first sale. This is shot at an angle because the reflection of my flash hid part of the image. Anyway, I was excited that somebody liked it well enough to buy it. Now I need to do a few more, since I had a series of animals planned for an upcoming show.

One other stop around town took me to Utzig's body repair shop. Since a fender bender last winter, I am on their Christmas list. All I had to do to be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate was to answer some questions about It's A Wonderful Life (What were the names of Goerge's children?), and drop the answers off. So since they're such nice folks, I drove my beautifully repaired car over there. Then I remembered, they are the folks who gave Janesville's giant fiberglass cow, Bessie, an extreme makeover. I asked the receptionist if she could be viewed and was assured I could visit the famous cow in back of the shop. The last time I saw Bessie she was faded, peeling, with graffiti sprayed on her Guernsey hide. She had a bullet hole, for pity sake. But now she is repaired, repainted, and resplendent in a coat of white snow and two fresh evergreen wreaths on her horns. When the new Menards is finished she'll travel back across town to her permanent home. If you want to read about her makeover you can check this address:


Martha said...

Mooo! Congratulations on your first sale! And congrats to Bessie too: I could use such a makeover myself :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your sale! I need to get over there and see the artwork. We were recently at Utzig's too and I was going to turn in my "Wonderful Life" entries but forgot!
~jane swanson

Sherry said...

I think you might still have time to turn that entry in. Isn't the drawing the 17th?