Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Recent Efforts

It has been ages since I remember so much snow and ice here before Christmas. Every other day we have more brown slush, white snow and blue sprinkles of de-icer on top. Yesterday we got the edge of the icestorm that hit Oklahoma, and all the schools closed, anticipating the worst. The view from our house is uniformly pale and dim, a study in gray. At seven this morning it was dark enough for me to need the hall light on to come downstairs.

The way I'm dealing with this dreariness is to work in bright colors. I have an idea to do a series of monotype prints that feature black and white animals, and bright backgrounds. I've experimented with several papers, masa paper, watercolor paper, and now Strathmore drawing paper. After I pull the image I go back with colored pencil. The effect is rich, I think, combining the texture and intense color of the print with the softer color of the pencils.


Ann said...

Oh, I popped in here looking for your cookie recipes and saw these wonderful prints! These are gorgeous! I love the black and white animals on the bright colors. Just stunning.

MissDaisyAnne said...

I love the picture of the cat!

Sherry said...

Thanksto both of you. I took the dog, sheep and cows to be framed today. I'm hoping that they will make a good grouping, and enhance one another. I'm still planning to try a chicken and maybe a pig.