Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost and Found

I've had a mild case of cabin fever, so my husband and I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to take a walk in Riverside Park. Out of habit, I carried my camera. As we were picking our way through the icy patches, I saw this bit of melting snow, and it struck me that it looked like the classic image of the man in the moon. I saw a profile, eye, nose, mouth, chin and beard. My husband says I have an overactive imagination. Too bad. I see what I see.

I suppose people see what they're looking for, which is why we hear about images of the Virgin Mary on tortillas and cheese sandwiches, Jesus in melting ice under the freeway. One of these images would have been nice, but the universe sends us what it wants. It wants me to see the man in the moon.

One other little oddity about this walk. About a month ago I took a similar hike in the park after a snow storm, the goal being to shoot photos of snow to use for references for painting. Along the way I lost one of my good gold hoop earrings. At least I supposed I lost it on my walk. I ransacked the house, looked in the car, nothing. My husband said I needed to go back to the park and look. Surprise, when we got out of the car at the park he spotted my missing earring under the driver's seat. It looks like I really did need to return to the park to find what I lost.

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Lin said...

HOW NEAT!!! The old grey beard!! And what a way to find your earring!!!!! Don't you love those kinds of days!