Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Valentines Day this year in Janesville is overcast and 26 degrees. Snow blankets the ground and has narrowed our street to one lane; more is predicted for this evening. Here is my Valentine to all those folks who sweeten my days: my husband, my kitty, all those friends here "in the flesh" and those online friends who challenge and encourage me every day.

Having eaten rather a lot while we were in Texas, I am trying to stay away from sweets for a while, but I enjoyed drawing these message hearts. I'm curious, what would you have your candy hearts say, if you could choose? I'd love to hear from you.

This poem is from the
Wisconsin Poets' Calendar. I won it last month on the Midday Quiz on Wisconsin Public Radio. I'm really enjoying the artwork and the poems.

Pinball Lover
by Richard Swanson


better than you and I

knows how to

when to

tilt her


Teri C said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job on these. I thought you just laid them on the page :)

mine would say, "I luv u"

My daughter sent me a photo of the snow in Brookfield. All I can say is, OMG! am I glad I am in AZ.

mARTa said...

Happy Valentines day to you! These are wonderful! I got my 'handful' yesterday...I love candy hearts!