Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Year Blog Birthday

Old postcard, found at Carousel Consignment. Could this be me?

It has been just a year since I started the Late B(l)oomer blog, and it has been a good year. Having a place to write about family history, art, and poetry has been like having a public illustrated journal, one that I try to keep as positive and interesting as possible. No whining, or at least not too much. In fact, my personal paper journal has shrunken down to whatever I can write in a Sierra Club daily planner; but my sketchbooks have bloomed in the journal's place. Score one for the blog! I have enjoyed not only the writing, but also the chance to meet people who stop by to comment. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read here, and also let me know what you're thinking. It keeps me motivated, and makes me feel connected. And when people leave comments I often discover other interesting blogs, which is another motivating thing for me. There are so many interesting and creative people out there. Blogging has helped me find lots of them.

A year ago my daffodils were blooming; this year they look ready to pop but haven't yet. They're full of potential, needing only a few more sunny days to bring them to bloom. The snowdrops and tiny azure scillias are blooming though, and the leaves on the lilacs and maples are thinking seriously about coming out. Spring is arriving at last in southern Wisconsin, and people are out again walking without fear of breaking their limbs, and as the season unfolds it reminds each of us of our own potential, our own opportunities to bloom.

Happy birthday to the Late B(l)oomer!


Teri C said...

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! I have so enjoyed visiting here. lol that postcard!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh first blog birthdays are most precious indeed! i remember mine still so clear.. *sigh*

Happy Blog Bday! and since im not that often here ive got some catching up to do.. 8)

Sharon said...

Happy birthday Late Bloomer! I'm looking forward to another year of art, poems, photography, and family stories on the website. It's always a pleasure visiting.