Monday, April 28, 2008

Squirrel Rant, Year 2

They did it again. I was lulled into security for a couple days, but the furry terrorists attacked my tulips overnight, and today the decapitated blossoms are scattered on the gravel path, on the patio table, and on a bench. It was funny because I took the first picture Sunday afternoon, and considered cutting a bouquet for the dining room table. I decided not to cut any because the flowers were so pretty outside. Wrong decision it seems.

This is not the first time the squirrels have munched their way through my tulips. In fact, they did it last year, and the year before that. I am trying to have compassion for all sentient beings, trying to see the squirrels as part of the great circle of life. But it's hard. Really hard.

In the past we've trapped the critters and given them free transportation to a park several miles away. That worked for a while, but new squirrels always moved into the vacated spots in the neighborhood. I've tried sprinkling moth balls, fox urine, hot peppers, none worked for long.

The trick, apparently, is not to care, to focus on the large clumps of daffodils that bloom in other parts of the garden; evidently daffodils are not as tasty as tulips. I must remember my friend Sloan's mantra, "Serenity now." And maybe next year I can remember to cut the tulips and bring them inside before they become squirrel chow.


Teri C said...

I will join you on your rant, not for tulips but last year they attacked our tomato plants and took all they could fine, even the green ones.

Amanda & Brian said...

I love my little squirrels. I put corn out for them on a squirrel feeder just so they will come and visit my yard. Maybe if you give them something else to munch on they will leave your tulips be? :)

Sherry said...

LOL, would you like some of mine? Not to worry, our squirrels are well fed by all the bird food they get, and from our neighborhood filled will walnut and oak trees. There's a reason we have squirrels.