Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Last Night's Figure Drawing

45 minute pose, vine charcoal

another 45 minute pose

We had a model for last night's figure drawing session, though we had a substitute instructor. We're still working on this reduction method, laying down vine charcoal, then lifting out highlights and adding darker values. I wish I could have done a better job on his legs in the top sketch; his are sturdier than the ones I drew. Obviously I miscalculated on the bottom sketch, though the instructor called the composition "dynamic." I love it when people dignify your mistakes. Actually, I like the range of values better on the bottom attempt.

I skipped last week, though I had been in Madison all day with my husband. We had intended to take in a couple museums, forgetting that they are closed on Monday. So we had a nice lunch, wandered down to the Memorial Union and sat in the shade by Lake Mendota, then just went home.

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Margaret Ann said...

LOVE the composition on the second sketch...