Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 20 Figure Study

Last night was my figure drawing class in Madison. We had a model, though a clothed one. She was graceful and lovely, though not what I expected. We're still working with vine charcoal, covering the background with a medium value, then adding in darks and lifting out the highlights. She positioned herself for a forty minute pose, and I drew her twice in that time, once in crayon on newsprint, and this one on nicer paper.

There are two weeks left, though I can only attend next week, since we're going away for a week at the beginning of August. We'll see what model we get for next week.


mjacobs said...

Very nice result, if you can do this twice in 40 minutes!

Andrew said...

Looks like you have mastered this technique. Very nice.

Charlene Brown said...

You have achieved a wonderful effect by adding here and subtracting there. Well done! And thank you for describing the technique so succinctly.