Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Friends' Playhouse

I belong to the Wee Travelers doll club, though I have stopped actively collecting. These days I have no real desire to acquire more dolls, though I like them for their artistry, their history and for their place in children's lives.

Recently our club met on the farm owned by one of the members. We had a potluck supper on the lawn and talked about favorite dolls. The best part of the evening was seeing her playhouse, an old shed cleaned out, furnished with white curtains, inhabited by old dolls, both from her childhood and collected more recently. It was a small, quiet space, and I wanted to share.


JLS Hall said...

How wonderful! I've always dreamed of having just such a playhouse or room where I could keep all my dolls together, along with all their paraphernalia. Your friend's private little doll retreat is just lovely!

Margaret Ann said...

This is so sweet...What a fun time you all must have had that day! :)