Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cutting and Pasting Again

paper collage on mat board

So this is what I do when I have other more important things to do.  I have lots of envelopes of things clipped from old magazines, books, calendars and so on.  Eve here was from a 1968 Life Magazine article about the women's movement.  I think the title of the article was Eve Was Framed.  Anyway, I wanted to give her life in a new context.  The big old lizard just called out to me.

What I should be doing is getting ready for tomorrow's Art Loop and Painters' Frolic, to be held at the Pontiac Convention Center. I've never participated in anything like this before, and I am not sure how I am going to haul everything there and keep myself occupied for the entire day.  It occurred to me yesterday that if I do sell paintings, I need to make some decisions about which paintings might appeal to buyers, price them, find something in which to wrap them, and something on which to write receipts. That's looking on the hopeful side.  I still need to wire a couple paintings, and then decide on what to take to work on, since we are supposed to be demonstrating as well. What to do? Watercolor? Acrylic? Oils? Collage?

The event has been well-publicized, and some of the funds raised will go to a local food bank, so this may be a lovely way to spend the day.  I just always worry.  Maybe that's why I chose a scary turquoise lizard over Eve's shoulder!

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Carol said...

OH THIS IS RICH. I love it! And preparing your work for consideration for sale is an art form in itself. Good luck.