Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick and Silly for Illustration Friday

This week's Illustration Friday idea is "rescue."  My first idea was the old standard of the life saver tossed to the drowning person.  Then I played around with ideas of how to play with that a little.  I first considered a collage with a well manicured female hand being tossed an over-sized diamond ring, then rejected it.  My husband's suggestion pleased me better.  What would Homer want to save his life?

I'm thinking Dunkin' Donuts. Sprinkles, please.

Just a quick note about some art activities that took longer.  I participated in a local "Art Loop and Painters' Frolic"" on Sunday at a convention center here in town.  This was new for me.  I had all sorts of concerns, including the fact that I don't own any display boards.  But the organizer did have some to loan, and I found myself at a table next to one of my former high school students, a lovely girl who paints large oil and acrylic canvases with bright colors and abstracted human forms.  We were supposed to also be painting as well as selling, so I brought along my water mixable oils and did my best to paint a local scene.  A nice man at a local pizza parlor gave me a clean box that served as a carrying case for the wet painting.  It was a long day, with lots of packing, hauling, arranging, chatting, and some painting.  I managed to sell some some items that covered my entrance fee, and I have a couple strong possibilities for sales of larger pieces.  But most of all, I saw lots and lots of friends and neighbors, and I met some artists I didn't know before.  I came home tired, but happy.

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