Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Signs of Spring, and a poem

This was the week that I first heard robins when I woke.  This was the week that snowdrops replaced snow.  This was the week when the smallest of crocus bloomed in the brown grass.

Struck by Glory, by Alyse Rall
in the 2010 Wisconsin Poets Calendar

The plum blossoms are already fading
this year the rains fall
again and again.
One night last week
we were surprised by lightning
and ran out into the storm
bareheaded, laughing
we were struck
by Glory.

Rivulets of spring run through my body
and ache in me --
I know a place where melted crusts of snow in March
chatter down the gutters, and I remember
prancing barefoot in Wisconsin
across a lawn through snow-slush patches
to reach the sun-steamed sidewalk
feet burning ice cold
in the warm spring sun.


laura said...

Lovely poem, Sherry. My crocuses haven't bloomed yet, and seeing your photos makes me think I must get snowdrops for next year!

Teri C said...

Oh yay! there is hope for spring. But I'm still not coming home for 6 weeks. lol Hope the tulips are blooming by then.