Friday, October 22, 2010

Dane Co. Farmers Market

I love living close to Madison, with its many cultural opportunities, the university, restaurants, and the Dane County Farmers Market.  I was horrified last week to realize I hadn't visited the market all summer, so we decided to go this past Saturday.  I was a little sad because I have giving up sugar and flour in a effort to shed pounds gained this past summer, so that meant no cherry or apricot bars from my favorite bakery vendor.  But the fresh vegetables and people watching made up for that loss.

This view is from the steps of the capital building, and you can see not only part of the market, which surrounds the capital, but Lake Mendota in the background.

There's always lots going on along with the market, especially buskers like this one, and political activists looking to hand out pamphlets or solicit signatures.

Don't want to buy food?  There are always plants and cut flowers available.

There were lots of pumpkins, traditional jack-o-lantern types, white ones, and these warty ones. 

I'm not sure what these women were celebrating, but their bouquets of balloons typify the cheerful atmosphere found at the market.  I'm grateful to have had such a lovely day to soak up the atmosphere.


Judybec said...

looks like a wonderful farmers market Sherry! love that there is music -- that photo of the cellist is so wonderful to see. how's no flour, no sugar diet going? : )))

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Responding to the question about the no sugar no flour diet - Most days it's fine, but Halloween and some trips out of town make sticking to that plan tough.