Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Betty and Bernice

4x4 inches, acrylic on Tyvek

I completed another miniature today, this time based upon a snapshot of my grandmother and her best friend.  They must have been in their twenties at the time, and I imagine that one of their husbands took the picture.  I could not fit both figures in the 3x3 format that I have been using, so this one is 4x4 inches.  I knew Betty, and she had dark hair, but I couldn't resist making her a redhead to fit her personality as I remember it.  I have lots of photos of the two couples.  They took vacations together; the men worked at the same factory, and I remember them playing poker every weekend when I was little.  None of that matters to the little piece, but I enjoyed thinking about them as I painted this afternoon. I'm going to need to stop this soon and pop these in the mail.

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