Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Tiny Paintings

3x3 inches, acrylic on Tyvek

This week I had a relapse of the cold I caught in Mexico last month, but I have felt well enough to work on this series of miniature paintings.  This one shows my grandfather with his new car, visiting my parents on the farm.  He loved his cars, and we have several of him posing with them. This must be the late 1940s or early 1950s. The figure here is my least favorite of all the paintings so far, just because it is so tiny and was hard to make convincing.

3x3 inches, acrylic on Tyvek

This one, featuring my brother-in-law's grandfather, ice fishing in Door County in the 1940s, is more successful, I think.  Even though the face is vague, the figure is better.  It is hard making out all the details of old black and white snapshots.  I find myself having to just make some things up, and omitting lots of extraneous small items to improve the composition.  I laughed at the original picture.  You can just make out words on the box on the right side, that says "Eat Your Salt."

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