Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Further Adventures in Minis

4x4 inches, acrylic on mat board

I was all set on Monday to head over to UW Whitewater for their evening figure drawing class, when I got an email from one of the longtime participants saying since it was spring break class was canceled.  Too bad, because I have been enjoying painting people from reference photos, and looked forward to painting from life.  It's funny how I used to look forward so much to spring break, and now I have no idea when it even is.  The teachers and students here in town aren't haven't good weather at all - lots of rain, hail, and maybe today, snow.

I meant to start something new, but find that I am still enjoying doing these miniature paintings.  The reference for this one is a black and white photo of Grandpa Pierce, probably in the 1930s, taking a rest on the kitchen porch of our farm house.  There was a wooden porch and a little cement walk that led to a hand pump.  I remember Dad doing the same thing after hours working in the barn or the fields, coming up to the house, pumping water and washing his hands and face, and resting for a while. This scene was morning, because of the way the strong eastern light lit his overalls and washing out the edge of the floor.

4x4 inches, acrylic on mat board

I finished this one yesterday.  The original was badly blurred, but it made a fine reference anyway for this style.  The boy is my second cousin, Jim.  The oldest of six children, Jim eventually grew up to become a dentist, and a fine singer. I always liked the snapshot because of the way he is trying to balance in the water, and his little toy boat. Water has always been difficult for me to  paint, but I like the way this turned out.

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