Sunday, August 21, 2011

Go Figure

I returned to figure drawing studio after taking a couple weeks off for travel, and recovery from travel. Getting over to Whitewater takes about a five hour commitment by the time I pack up, drive there, clean up and drive home again.  Still, I always have a good time, and I am getting fond of the quick draws in particular,  I find that the longer I labor over a drawing the less I enjoy it, and that shows inthe results.  This is an initial five minute pose, done with conte crayon.

I arrived late, so found myself off to the side, with lots of foreshortened views.  Still, I like the challenge.

Our model Linda always poses in yoga outfits, and I find that drawing a clothed model is just as interesting as an undraped one, and perhaps the atmosphere in the room is a bit more relaxed as well.

I spent a little longer on this, though it really doesn't look it, except for the addition of watercolor to the conte crayon.

I asked and got permission to photograph some of her poses.  I figure next winter when I am too chicken to drive over I will have some of a favorite model to use.


Ann's Art said...

Really like the flow of these drawings. I get the feeling, looking at them, that you like conte crayons.

Lynn said...

Neat idea...these are wonderfully drawn.

Anonymous said...
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