Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Unkindness of Ravens

My raven painting/collage is almost done, which is a good thing since it is larger than our dining room table.  The process has been interesting and fun, and I keep trying to not fall in love with various layers as the images progress, so that I can proceed without guilt.  More than once I thought I liked what I had well enough, but then forged ahead with another layer of acrylic color, or tissue paper, or bits of doily or vintage papers or maps.  Each new layer makes the previous layers recede and become less visible, which sometimes was exciting, and sometimes was distressing. At this point the papers I am adding are black, dark blue or charcoal gray, pages from clothing catalogs or old black and white National Geographic pages, just to suggest texture.  I want the piece to make an impact from a distance, but also be rewarding for anyone who gets up close to really look. 

I wonder why the collective term for a group of ravens is an unkindness?


JoAnn said...

This is really wonderful, Sherry. I have enjoyed seeing the process.


studio lolo said...

Oh my...I stopped by here through Teri's Painted Daisies. I'm glad I did because I paint ravens all the time. They are my muse!

This is a wonderful piece of art!

I believe a flock of ravens is called an "unkindness" for the same reason a flock of crows is called a "murder."

When they want to oust one from the group they all pick on it incessantly until it dies. Not very nice, I know.

I did come across this when looking up the origin though. More choices!

AN UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS: From the legend that ravens pushed their young from the nest to be ‘nourished with dew from heaven,’ as The Folk Lore of British Birds put it in 1885, until the adult birds ‘saw what color they would be.’

Again, I love your painting!


RH Carpenter said...

Love this - and our corvid relative all get such a bum rap! An unkindness of ravens, a murder of crows - how silly! Maybe it's because they are so smart, they scare us? Anyway, this painting is gorgeous and I know it will finished beautifully. I wish I had the $ to buy it right now! Loved that info from Studio Lolo!

Ann's Art said...

Love this, it is so effective.

Sharon said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL work of art Sherry!