Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Ducky

The days recently have been glorious here in southern Wisconsin, pleasantly warm, sunny, and not too humid.  So yesterday we took off for a day trip to the Wollersheim Wintery, rode the Merrimac ferry, and saw a wonderfully entertaining flick (8 MM) at Budget Cinema in Madison.  I took lots of pretty pictures of the vineyard and the Wisconsin River, but this was the most surprising and fun sight of the day.  Parked at a strip mall on Odana Road I was this older Toyota, covered all over, fore and aft,  with rubber ducks.  I convinced my husband to slow down and cruise by so I could capture this duck-mobile.  Someday I will have my camera with me when I see the car here in town covered with livestock.  One never knows what shape creativity will take!


Ann's Art said...

The owner certainly must have a sense of humor. So glad you got a photo and shared this.....ann.

Amos said...
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