Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Need to Stop This

6x6 inch monotype, with watercolor pencil, gouache, and acrylic ink

So, today was interesting in a not-so-fun way.  After a gloriously snow free winter so far, it snowed starting at about breakfast, and it's still snowing.  I wouldn't care, retired geezer that I am, except I had promised to demonstrate my method of doing monotypes to the small artist group that meets each Thursday at a senior center in Milton, a town about eight miles away.  I had already packed a container with all the materials, samples, typed up directions to take along, so I decided that the small amount of snow that had fallen by 9:30 was not going to stop me, a former farm girl who knows how to drive in snow, from showing up.

Thing is, it stopped all the other people, except one intrepid soul.  We had a good time, and we both made it home in one piece, but it was no fun driving when there was no assurance that the car was going to stop at signs and traffic lights.  The roads were very slippery, and I don't see me going out for a while.  Time to hunker down with some tea, a novel, and the cat on my lap.

1 comment:

Ann said...

I love seeing these monotypes - they are all wonderful! The subtle textures and values make them so very interesting.

I would have been the first to cancel your demo - I hate driving in snow and always wimp out :-)