Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Day Hearts

Instead of venturing out to visit my art group, or having lunch with the Art League, I decided to stay inside today.  It's eight degrees, snowy, and I am in semi-hibernation mode.  My idea of fun when it's cold outside is to do indoors things, like ferreting out family history from New England, reading, watching movies, or working in the studio.  It's not very hearty of me, especially when friends are posting on Facebook about skiing and sledding, but there you are.

These little pieces are 5x7 inches, collaged bits of old paper and stamps.  Then I drew in the heart, and painted in the solid part with tinted gesso.  I have hopes that someone will buy them for Valentines Day, but if not, they were a fun experiment.  I have quite a few old stamps saved for projects like this, and wish I had more of the Love stamps.

There is a big snow storm predicted for tomorrow, so I may do more of the same.


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, I love these! Much better than sledding or snowing and freezing your fingers off! Keep 'em coming - they will be perfect as Valentine's cards or gifts or just to share here on your blog :) Stay safe and warm.

jgr said...

These are beautiful!! I'm with you: Winter is for hibernating! even though it's in the 50's here . . . . LOL

Anns Art said...

These are so clever plus what a great project to do whilst you wait out the weather - which I hope hasn't been as bad as predicted.

Nancy Standlee said...

Love your hearts.