Monday, January 2, 2012

More Monotype Experimentation

5x7 inches, monotype printed on a page from a cheese factory ledger, with acrylic ink and gouache

I've had a black and white photo of my father holding two kittens that I've meant to paint.  Today instead of actually painting from the image I decided to see if my montoype technique would work on a different sort of paper.  A friend gave me several old cheese factory ledgers from about 1917, so I used a sheet for this project.  I wasn't sure how the slightly glossy and old paper would accept the paint, or how it would dry.  The paint transferred fairly well, and the paper dried relatively flat, which surprised me.  The paper has printing and handwriting on it, which I thought would be interesting, though I didn't plan for "crops growing" to be emblazoned in the middle of his sweater.  I also regret not being more careful to lay the plate on the ledger paper so it was straight.  Next time I'll do better.

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