Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day in the Studio

Yesterday the weather forecasters predicted a major snow storm, so the stores were all busy with people stocking up on food and running errands. Last night I woke up and realized how quiet it was, no traffic noise at all. This morning when I took this photo it wasn't very snowy, the temperature was too high, so mostly we had sleet in the night. But since then it has gotten colder and the snow has been falling steadily all day. My painting group canceled, and my doll club meeting Christmas meeting for tonight is rescheduled. All the area schools are shut down. We aren't going out, so there is time for decorating the tree, writing cards, and working in the studio.

This is my work space. You can see the edge of my Ott light, which I love for the full spectrum light it provides. My studio is an attic room with two small dormer windows, so I need to have extra light to work. I have some of my own art on the wall, but also some by friends. You can see my homemade containers for watercolor pencils, and my glass jars of brushes. I have shelves full of materials on the table and also on shelves behind me. I had been working on a collage as my response to the December Virtual Sketch Date, but I'm not posting the results until Saturday, so I moved the actual finished picture out of the photo. I hope I can get further along on a colored pencil piece I started ages ago when I work this afternoon.

This is one of my little windows. There is just enough light to keep plants alive through the winter. I have to have green things around me in the winter, just to remind me that the world will turn green again.

I just wanted to include this 1913 Christmas postcard that I bought at our local consignment shop. The snowy day, birds, bells, and deer seem bright and cheerful. I love vintage graphics, though I'm not sure why these robins didn't escape the snow when they had the chance.

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Teri C said...

It looks so idyllic, all that beautiful snow and your cozy studio.

It is even cold in AZ today.