Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Holiday Pictures

Here I am, dressed up as part of a holiday open house at the Lincoln-Tallman restoration on Saturday. I portrayed Nellie Tallman, the daughter-in-law of the house's builder, and the person who lived in the house longest, from 1865 after marriage until 1915 when she moved in with her son. I showed visitors the master bedroom with its massive furniture, louvered shutters, and cold running water, then escorted them to Nellie and Edgar's adjacent room. There visitors saw some of the gifts the Tallman's exchanged, based upon entries from her diaries. This included such items as a tiny pique dress for little Stanley, Nellie's son, a child's wicker rocking chair, a tin horse, little mittens, candy, a set of Victorian blocks, some silk handkerchiefs, a pretty beaded pin cushion, some lacy sleeves to attach to a frock, and old currency. The house was decorated sumptiously, with all sorts of greenery, ribbons, poinsettias, and a different decorated tree in each room. It's a pity that more people didn't come out to see a real jewel of a home. The tickets were only $5, money the historical society needs badly for the house's upkeep. But maybe with so many people losing their jobs when the GM plant closes here on December 23, even that was too much.
The oldest glass ornament on our tree. It's scratched, but the handle and spout are still intact.
We moved our tree to the enclosed porch this year, where it is less in the traffic pattern, and cooler. This year I didn't go overboard in loading it with lights and ornaments. Only the glass balls went on, though I still may dig for the glass icicles. We like small balsams for their scent, and because on a makeshift table they are easy to decorate and water.

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Sharon said...

You really look like the elegant, reserved lady, Sherry. I love attending these kinds of events. Too bad more people weren't able to enjoy it.