Monday, March 9, 2009

Godzilla! and The 64-65 World's Fair

Unisphere, New York World's Fair, 1964

Here's a postcard of the same event

I was thirteen when I took this snapshot at Sinclair Dinoland at the World's Fair

Here's what I did with a scanned copy of the old photo and a vintage German postcard.

Pretty soon this mania I seem to have acquired should play itself out.  Besides vintage line art from old textbooks, I have thousands of personal snapshots I have scanned.  The image of a vengeful lizard taking out a city isn't new, but I have a story about this one.  When I was thirteen my grandparents took me by Amtrak to New York City.  I was thrilled.  We rode the subway, saw Barefoot in the Park with Robert Redford, ate cheesecake at Sardis, and spent a couple of days at the World's Fair.  I particularly remember the Wisconsin exhibit (the world's largest cheese), a Disney animated display that sang It's a Small World After All, and the Michelangelo's Pieta, viewed from a moving walkway, and an ultramodern Kodak pavilion with a huge movie screen that foreshadowed Imax.  We also went to the Sinclair Dinoland. That area featured life-sized fiberglass dinosaurs and had sidewalks edged with lava rocks. I backed up with my Brownie camera to take a photo of the T-Rex.  I didn't feel anything at first, but then a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I knew I was bleeding. Sure enough, I had lacerated my ankle on the sharp rock, and my canvas flat was soaked.  Dinosaurs can be dangerous.


Kim said...

I'm loving your stories with your collage. You're inspiring me to take photos of random stuff I would probably never photograph. Documentary photography is great for collage.

laura said...

You really make collage look fun, Sherry! I was at the World's Fair too! I was four and threw a big, screaming, legs-going-limp fit (of terror) when I saw Mickey Mouse while waiting on line for It's a Small World.

Judybec said...

Great post!!

I was at the NY world's fair too! I was 7 so I really don't remember much BUT I DO remember the "It's a Small World" exhibit!!!!! I think I rode that one several times! I also remember some Indians flying around a pole (?) and seeing Ed Sullivan getting out of a car near our hotel. I remember throwing a fit because my parents wouldn't buy me one of those big red bouncy balls with a handle that you sit on.

I love, love, love seeing the photos you took and your collage is so fun!

Gina said...

Hi Sherry,
Through Roz Would Up, I found your blog and have enjoyed reading it, especially posts about combining old postcards and personal photos, as well as ones about sketching and altering your photos.