Friday, March 6, 2009

Seeking and Finding Vintage Images

vintage postcard of Holyrood, with collaged elements

two owls


Fieldfare and Ringed Ousel

two songbirds

I'm still cutting and pasting in the studio, but I've also been scanning illustrations from a children's book I bought at my favorite consignment shop for about the same money as a small vanilla latte.  The book is entitled Young Folks Jungle Stories, Aunt Virginia Series, published by Hurst and Company in New York, about 1903.  The cover, though damaged, features a rhino with a bloody tiger speared on its horn, not the sort of thing children's books feature today. The binding is completely destroyed, the paper yellowed and crumbling, but the illustrations are delightful.  I just have to find a way to store them in such a way they don't crumble even more until I can find a way to use them.  I plan to post a few more in the next days, and if you want to use them, feel free.


Sharon said...

I like the new blog look! I love these old b & w etchings (?). I think they're etchings. You are having fun with these collages...very whimsical.

JoAnn said...

Holyrood Palace was one of the highlights of our trip to Scotland. Did you know that it is the official residence for the Queen when she goes to Scotland? A beautiful place....we were on a sweeping staircase, listening to our guide, and I was thumbing through the book I had just bought. I stopped to read about the 800 year old tapestry hanging in a stairwell....looked over and Laura was leaning against it! EEEEK. It was not protected in any way, anyone could have touched it as they went up the stairs.

It amazed up that the chapel was a ruin while the adjoining palace was in perfect condition.