Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Bedtime Reading

This is the old children's book I bought at the consignment shop, the one from which I have been scanning illustrations.  The only color in the book is on the cover, and what lurid color it is!  I have digitally repaired a few tears to show a better approximation of what it must have originally looked like.  I cannot imagine that any publisher of children's books would put such a bloody image on a cover, or anywhere.  Were children of earlier times made of sturdier emotional stuff?  Were they less prone to nightmares?  Tastes change, I suppose.  Perhaps the publishers saw this side-show style painting as emblematic of adventure.  

This is the postcard I assembled while sorting through my paper folders.  The sheep are at a Shaker farm, and the hand is from an old ad for Remington typewriters.  The sheet music is from something I vowed never to play again.  That hand is elegant, but also reminiscent of the nightmare scene in Carrie.  I have a friend whose parents, while watching that scene in a dark movie theater, were holding hands.  When her father jumped in startled terror, he sprained his wife's wrist.  The hand also reminds me of a tree. 

Maybe I should just go paint a vase of daffodils...

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Kim said...

Great stuff, Sherry. I love your stories about every part of the collage including the memories they trigger and the places they inspire you to go.

Your comment about the violent cover of the children's book reminded me of John Power's recent review on Fresh Air about the remastering of Pinocchio and comparing Disney's story to the original.