Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Scavenger Hunt Continues

This 1927 health textbook was hiding at the consignment shop for $1.00.  It was filled with vintage line drawings, photos and diagrams such as those which follow.

Since there were many pages left after the illustrations were removed and filed, I cut a niche into the remaining pages with a box cutter, glued the pages together with gel medium, and collaged  the results with recycled materials - wallpaper samples, newsprint, saved buttons, a twig, a bird card, a vintage postcard, and so on.  The little assemblage sits nicely on a metal easel.  I can shut the book and store it on a shelf as well.


Kim said...

I'm inspired. Thanks for taking us on the scavenger hunt with you to see how you find these gems.

Sharon said...

Oh, I like these, Sherry. The addition of the buttons is particularly nice!

Margaret Ann said...

This is fantastic...I have seen several altered books on line and have always been fascinated by them...Yours here is absolutely exceptional...What a find! :)