Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almond Kisses

This is the finished version of my Hershey almond kisses.  I'm not sure it has much of a "Wow" factor, but I had fun with trying to capture the reflections on the foil wrapper, and the little paper strip was interesting to do as well.  I'm thinking now that the chocolate looks like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, but it's going to stay as it is.

Tonight we watch the Oscars.  Both of us are compulsive movie watchers, and have been since we started dating in the early 1970s.  Over the years we have almost never missed the Oscars, and have an ongoing contest to see who is a better picker of award winners.  He wins more than I do, though with all the internet analysis we've been much closer in our choices, which takes some of the fun out.  Still, I'm looking forward to setting in with snacks and beverages, and my check sheet in hand.

1 comment:

Lilah J B said...

I think it looks great, you really did capture the shine on the wrappers.Don't they make dark chocolate hershy kisses now any way?