Thursday, February 23, 2012


   11x14 inches, oil on canvas

My head has been telling me I should do a series of larger collage paintings and consider a local show, but lately my heart wants to play with learning to use my water mixable oils and to paint people.  So, I painted the woman who makes me my vanilla lattes about once a week.  I didn't want the emphasis to be on her face, but rather her overall posture, and what she's doing.  While I'm not sure this is a very strong painting, I like the idea and having a good time, so I think I'll try others of local people at work. 


Nora MacPhail said...

She's lovely. I agree that it's not about her face and I'm glad you made that choice. It makes what she is doing more interesting.
Happy Painting.

Anns Art said...

So glad you did this and blogged about it...what a great capture of life in this painting. Looking foward to seeing more:)

laura said...

Gorgeous--such a strong design sense; and you really captured the gesture of her body. It's great!