Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Happy Painter, for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

5x7 inches, oil on gessoed mat board

I took another stab at a painting based on a photo of a person I know from online groups.  This time my victim is Donna Mulholland, aka The Happy Painter. Donna's art journals and her blog are filled with clear bright color and an upbeat attitude, so I decided to try and capture some of that cheerful intensity in my interpretation of the photo she posted on Flickr.   I decided to work as quickly as possible, with a larger brush than I was comfortable with, and I intentionally let some of the complementary under painting, done in acrylic, show through.  Not counting the drawing and under painting, I spent about an hour on this little portrait. 

Now the hard part for me, a person who usually works in watercolor or acrylic - letting it dry.  Patience is not my long suit.

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