Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kathleen for JKPP

5x7 inches, monotype with added acrylic ink

Another small portrait for the Julia Kay Portrait Party, this time of Kathleen, who is younger looking and more attractive than this portrait suggests.  Still, I enjoy the process of making hand pulled monotypes, like the expressiveness of the way each brush stroke shows. The three portraits  I did this week all are very different; in fact they look like they might have been done by different people.  Part of me wants to work in a recognizable style, but part of me rebels at self-imposed rules.  Nuts to silly restrictions!

The week had its ups and downs with regard to my art.  A collage that has been at a local gallery for about a year finally went home with someone, which felt good to me.  But I had to go collect three large watercolors from another venue, where they probably had become over familiar to folks in that area.  I left some smaller collage work and novelty pieces appropriate for Valentines day.  We shall see,

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