Saturday, May 3, 2008

Every Day in May

I decided to do a series of informal sketches of odds and ends here at my house each day in  May, nothing too detailed or obsessive. No half sheet watercolors or crazy detailed drawings. Nothing gridded off from one of my gazillion photos. Just quick and dirty sketches. Truth be told, that's about what I can capable of doing right now. Yesterday I was trying to paint and add detail to an acrylic gel transfer of a sketchbook drawing, and the gas bubble that is helping my eye heal swam into the middle of my visual field, bouncing, glinting light, magnifying parts of the paper, distorting others. I tried holding my left hand over the eye, but besides being awkward, it fogged up my glasses. It occurred to me perhaps I should tie on a red bandanna, and add an eye patch, and become Sherry, the Painter Pirate. Arrrrrgh! Anyway, the two wee sketches here are from yesterday and the day before.

Other than that I am preparing for my first solo show at our public library in June, writing and rewriting a biographical statement and artist's statement. For a former English teacher I am finding it surprisingly difficult to write something that is true, brief, and readable. I'm making an inventory of the paintings I plan to include, and have begun to fret about if I need extra insurance to cover what is essentially all the best artwork I have done the past decade. Having my own show has been one of my goals, but lately it is seeming more and more daunting.

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Michael said...

Congratulations on your show. Never been in that situation exactly, but I'm still going to offer advice.... : ) Don't let something that is good, like achieving this goal, become something that is difficult or painful in any significant way. I know that's easier said than done, and I have seen a friend going bananas with some of her shows. Still--I think, if it's getting daunting or becoming a headache, you want to remember what the fun is, and should be. Keep it simple! OK, done-- and no charge... : )