Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Plein(ty of) Air

Riverside Park, Beloit

Bank and parking structure by the Rock River, near downtown Beloit

I'm still working on my strategy for the Beloit plein air event in June.  I cannot bring myself to show anyone the 12x16 inch painting I struggled with for two hours, before I needed to be home for dinner.  These  two paintings are 8x12 inches (I'm adjusting my size expectations downward), and were done on Saturday and Sunday from photos I took Friday.   I learned some things.  First, I like to paint water, trees, and sky much more than buildings.  Also, I like working on watercolor paper that has been coated with gesso because I can lift out highlights. This is especially nice with foliage.  I'm still trying to see how to make interesting compositions that feature the river, somewhere where I can have access to water.  I think I still want to experiment with painting on illustration board, that would not need stretching.

Quick observation, why do people like to blast their car stereos in pretty places filled with birdsong?


Anita Davies said...

The top one is just beautiful!

CraftyLyra said...

I especially like the top one! I'm envious since I don't do watercolor very well!

I'm assuming your question was rhetorical...;-)