Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wee Sketches

I've been having trouble keeping up with my commitment to sketch every day in May.  It has just been busy, and I have not had quiet time to sit with my usual sketchbooks.  There was an overnight driving trip to Iowa earlier in the week, an all-day plein air workshop yesterday, an Art Walk last night, a WRAP (Wisconsin Regional Artists Program) workshop that took until mid afternoon today.  What did I do when I was working full time?

I carry a tiny sketchbook in my purse.  It is called the Hampton Mini Sketch Book, and the pages are only 3.5 by 4.75 inches.  I got it because the pages are heavy enough to take a light watercolor wash, although I rarely use it for that.  It has quick sketches of people on boats, in theaters, at restaurants.  None of my sketches in here are too noteworthy, but they do remind me of events, and some days they are the only drawing I do.  The size is also good for writing down ideas, people's addresses, and books I want to check out at the library.

I chose three to show here.  The top one is my favorite, a blind contour drawing of an audience member at the Wisconsin Film Festival in April.  I did several of these quickies at the various films we saw, lots of backs of heads.  The middle one was another sketch of two women at a theater performance of Compleat Female Stage Beauty, which was playing in Madison. The audience at that play was really lively, and dressed up for the occasion.  The last one I did this morning at the WRAP workshop.  I was sitting next to a wonderful life sized paper mache  sculpture of a paper boy, collaged all over with pieces of newspaper.  The original is much more charming, but I couldn't resist trying to capture his expression.  I took a picture, and may try again some time with that reference, since the original is so much more appealing than my drawing.

None of these are my favorite work, but I feel good if I can get even a little drawing in on a busy day.

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Judybec said...

good job squeezing those sketches into whatever time you find available. My favorite is your 2nd one... I like the interaction going on there.
Let us know how your plein air event goes!